Voidova is a singer, songwriter,

voice over artist and multi-instrumentalist based out of

Santa Monica, California. 


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Excited to bring you a unique investment opportunity!


You can earn streaming royalties forever on my album "Broken Clouds"  by purchasing 1% for $15.

That's 1% on each of the 11 songs on the album! 


Not only do you get to collect on my streams, you also get the opportunity to help me decide on future release ideas like album cover art, song ideas and titles for the e.p.'s or albums! 


You will need to sign up on Distrokid.com ($19/year) to be able to collect the royalties.


Its an investment.

You just let it sit there and collect.


Lets do this, together.


The wait is over.

August 21st it is here.

The first full length album from Voidova.

"You can hear Voidova’s influences in his music, especially on this album! But he has completely birthed his own style: a very entertaining hybrid of rock, grunge and alternative metal."

-Mickey Shiloh

Artist, Entrepreneur and CEO of HRDRV Records



So happy with how this video and song came out.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

Access/Excess is from the forth coming

full length album "Broken Clouds"

out on HRDRV Records 8.21.20

anywhere you stream your tunes.

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